Tills Writer Residency
at Summerhall

at Tills

In 2021, we moved our offices to the amazing Summerhall, one of Edinburgh's best loved arts centers, set across the sprawling corridors of a repurposed veterinary hospital.

The Tills office is where we run the bookshop, and our various literary adventures, like the police book box across the road from the shop. We share the space with a group of people working in independent publishing and print arts.

One desk in our offices is kept aside for a writing residency, which we offer rent-free to a different writer for 3-month residencies.

The residency is intended for people in the midst of a writing project, who are nearly there and just need that final bout of intense focus to get it done.

There are no strings attached. You don't have to exclusively write poems celebrating bookshops. The only condition is that you use the space to find some peace and quiet away from home and put some serious focus into your writing.