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We have chosen to avoid the specialist language for book condition descriptions used in the second-hand book trade, because most people don't know the difference between knocked, bumped, scuffed, worn, chipped or torn, and we want to sell our books to most people! 

Instead, we use a simplified range of terms: 

Near Fine is a book that is as good as it gets, given its age. The book should have no major defects. This is age-relative term. A Near Fine book from 2022 will essentially be as though it was new. A Near Fine book from 1802 will look like it had been looked after very, very well for two hundred years. There might be a pervious owner's name or book plate on the first few pages, but it will be neat and tidy.

- Very Good describes the majority of our books, especially the slightly older ones. The books are starting to show slight signs of wear. Think small tears, some worn pages, some spotting on older paper, and the wearing that comes from sitting on a shelf to a few decades. 

- Good is a book with all pages present, that is in average condition. It is functional, looks the part, but won't be winning any awards. In older books, spines might be coming away slightly, but nothing should be literally falling off. There might be fairly significant scuffing and wear, but basically the book holds together well. 


- Fair is how we describe a book that is complete, and still collectable, but is otherwise fairly knackered. The spine might be significantly cracked or broken, and some pages might even be loose. However they will stil be present.  

- Poor conditions books are books we rarely sell online. These are books with missing pages or plates, very worn spines, and are generally in poor condition. The only occasion that we would sell a poor condition book is when the book is exceedingly rare, or has a special intellectual or academic value.

Other than these terms, we try and describe our books in everyday, sensible language. If you are interested in one of our books, we encourage you to contact us before purchasing with any questions, so we can make sure you know what to expect. 

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