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A secondhand bookshop is a snapshot of what its community reads. We like to think of ourselves as a repository for old prints, beautiful lost editions, well-loved paperbacks, and cared-for classics. A place where books that may not be the current talk of the town can come to hide out for a bit until the world finally catches up with them again.

Almost all of what we sell comes from our community around Edinburgh. They're a very bookish lot, and we have them to thank for our lovely stock of classics, poetry, literary fiction, and academic works.

That said, we are a tiny shop. We hold about eight thousand bookish objects, give or take. So we do have to be a little selective. Because of our size we don't buy by lot, and prefer to pick and choose. In doing so, we make sure we only buy what we believe can have a second life, and we create a treasure trove of wonderful books in the shop.

You don't need an appointment to bring a small selection of books to the shop. Just swing them by. For larger collections, please check in with us first to ensure that we would be interested.


For larger collections, we offer home visits in and around the Edinburgh area.

The Books We Love To Buy

We buy books from across genres and interest areas. But the areas we love the most are:

  • Literary & Contemporary Fiction

  • Antiquarian books

  • Poetry & Drama (especially contemporary poetry)

  • Classics (beautiful editions are our favorite)

  • Antique Scifi & Fantasy (and some of the more modern stuff too)

  • Popular Science and Natural History

  • Academic primary texts in philosophy, psychology, sociology

  • Books on feminism, race, cultural theory and rebellion!

  • Children's books

The Books We Don't Buy

We almost never buy:

  • Modern pulp fiction (the kind of thing you read briefly on a beach, and then leave behind in the sand to be washed away by the waves)

  • Reference books, dictionaries, thesauruses or encyclopedias (unless they're old and special)

  • University course books or literary anthologies

  • Huge cooking books

  • Bibles

  • Travel guides

  • Damaged books (we don't mend books, so we don't generally buy anything with pages falling out, covers detached, or that are full of notes)

If your books sound like they might suit our shop, please get in touch!

We'll be happy to talk you through the next steps.


We can arrange home visits for larger collections in the Edinburgh area. Either give the shop a call, or drop us an email through the form below and we'll get back in touch soon.

Thank you for your message! We'll get back to you shortly.

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