We buy books. (Mostly).

A second-hand bookshop is a snapshot of what its community reads. We like to think of ourselves as a repository for old prints, beautiful lost editions, well-loved paperbacks, and cared-for classics. A place where books that may not be the current talk of the town can come to hide out for a bit until the world finally catches up with them again.

Almost all of what we sell comes from our community around Edinburgh's South Side. They're a very bookish lot, and we have them to thank for our lovely stock of classics, poetry, literary fiction, and academic works.

That said, we are a tiny shop. We hold about eight thousand bookish objects, give or take. So we do have to be a little selective. We don't buy by job lot, preferring to pick and choose. In doing so, we make sure we only buy what we believe can have a second life, and we create a treasure trove of wonderful books in the shop.

We buy across genres and areas, although we have a special interest in paperback literary fiction, antique sci-fi, popular science and naturalism, and academic works across the humanities and social sciences.

If you have books to sell, please get in touch. We'll be happy to talk you through the next steps. We can arrange home visits for larger collections in the Edinburgh area. Either give the shop a call, or drop us an email through the form below introducing yourself and we'll get back in touch soon.

Thanks for getting in touch!